The Quest for Joy in Life Book

The Quest for Joy in Life Through Inner Transformation.The book is coming soon-by July 1, 2020

The book is designed, as an easy to follow, step by step guide to find your joy in life. It could become your first steps to spirituality and Enlightenment.

There are so many roads in life. All of them ALWAYS take us where we are supposed to be. Some of them will take you a long way, some will take you in circles and some will take you straight to your destination. But our final destination is set and whether we know it or not, we are heading toward this direction.

Our soul knows exactly where we’re heading, but we have the freedom to choose the road to get there. The number of roads available to us are infinite. Just pick one and follow it, and if you do not like the current one, take a different path and it will take you to another road.

It is your choice and it is the main principle of life on this beautiful planet  Earth – FREE WILL.

You just have to make step by step and keep moving ahead to follow your destiny! And  depending on your level of awareness, you will choose one road or another and it will take you to your goal with more or less life adventures.

This book will show you some techniques and practices that may help you find the faster and easier road toward your life goal and your happiness in life, when you choose to follow them.

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