Money and the Universal Law of Energy Exchange

One of the main Universal laws is the law of energy exchange.

This is the law on which karma is built. This is what relationships are built on. This is the law that controls our whole life.

The law is as follows:

“Give to receive”

Our body, our mind, our thoughts are in a constant and dynamic exchange of energy with the Universe.

By our thoughts and actions, we can either accelerate and maintain this exchange of energy, or, conversely, disrupt it.

money are coming now! POD & POC!Money is a form of energy.

If you stop the flow, you destroy your life and the life of people close to you, because you no longer comply with the universal laws and principles of nature.

Money is ENERGY and one of the very important energies that we use throughout our lives.

The misuse of this energy brings problems. And the problems are not only for the person who is abusing the energy of money, but also for his family and children.

What is the Misuse of this energy. This is when a person acquires something: knowledge, information, services, etc., but at the same time always tries to underpay, to bargain (I do not mean fair trade – everything has it real value) in order to acquire something below the cost, or do not pay at all, but at the same time has the ability to pay in full.

Therefore, hording or stopping the money from leaving from your possession,  means stopping the flow of energy, which stops the incoming flow. The circulation and investment of its energy allows the stream to remain alive, and life and the body surrounding it – healthy.

The more you give, the more you get.

A person who does not want to exchange money equivalently lives in a state of fear of the time when  he may not have money. And this fear, in turn, comes from the perception of oneself as unworthy to have money, that is: well, now I am lucky and have them, but tomorrow may not be.

This way of thinking and behaving, sets in motion another universal law – the law of attraction. And in accordance with the Law of Attraction, everything negative that lives in this person  consciousness or in the subconscious, begins to come true and the person begins to lose: either lose money, or health, or the family collapses. Depending on karma and other indicators of his life, the blow falls on that weak spot.

The energy exchange does not always mean only the return of money for some services. There are situations when a person REALLY cannot give money as the means of exchange, then you need to use other types of energy until you can become able to use the money to carry out this exchange. Then you need to start making money exchange.


How to Apply The Law Of Energy Exchange in Your Life:

If you want joy, give joy to others;

If you want love, give love;

If you want attention, pay attention to others;

If you want respect, give respect:

If you want honesty, give honesty;

If you are seeking prosperity, try to help others become financially secure.

If you want to receive a blessing, learn to silently bless others.

This principle of equal exchange of energy applies to all areas of our lives, including corporations, people, families and nations.

Give and you shall receive!



Nina-Bastet /  08.05.2019