Maral Root – Sexual Potency and Libido Enhancing Herb

Maral Root – Sexual Potency and Libido Enhancing Adaptogenic Herb

Maral Root (Leuzea carthamoides , also called Rhaponticum carthamoides)

The health benefits of maral root are widely known. It is now also being used to treat medical problems including alcohol dependency, depression and impotency, as well as promoting physical strength and mental sharpness,

Leuzea grows on the mountain slopes in a limited area of southern Siberia (Altai, Sayani). It does not exist as a wild growing plant in other region of the world. Because of the limited supply of Leusea in nature and because the plant grows slowly, the harvest of wild-growing Leuzea in Russia is under government control and is restricted.

Maral Root and Fatigue

The main component extracted from maral root is ecdysterone, which can have similar effects to steroids. People who have a deficiency in natural steroid hormones may experience fatigue. Taking maral root can help to replicate the effects of natural steroid hormones, reducing fatigue brought on by stress, a period of illness or intense physical activity. This effect is less pronounced in people who already have a normal level of natural steroid hormones.

Maral Root and Mental Concentration

Maral root has also been used to focus the mind and increase concentration. Its beneficial components include tannins, vitamins and glycosides as well as flavonoids, fatty acids and alkaloids. These can help combat extreme stress and improve a person’s ability to retain focus and stay alert.

Maral Root and Body Building

Another property of the ecdysterone present in maral root extract is to build muscle mass and reduce the recovery time of athletes after a bout of physical activity. It increases the amount of blood circulating to the brain and muscles, and can regulate protein synthesis, which helps to increase muscle mass. Although maral root may produce similar effects to steroids, it does not have the same negative side effects. This remedy has been used by athletes particularly in China, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Scientists believe that ecdysterone mimics natural steroid hormones in the human body and will increase them if they are insufficient. These steroid hormones are comparable to Kidney Yin and are depleted when the body or mind is subject to physical or mental stress.

From the traditional Chinese medical perspective it seems that the cooling properties of Rhaponticum makes it a unique Kidney Yin and Yang tonic. In Ayurveda it could be regarded as an herb that regulates Vata, ameliorates excess Pitta and regulates Kapha.

According to David Winston in his book Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief (Healing Arts Press, 2007), maral root is a long-living perennial that lives anywhere from 75 to 150 years and has a long history of use in Mongolian, Siberian and possibly Chinese medicine. In Siberia, where it grows, it is used as a folk medicine “to enhance physical and sexual energy, improve mood and concentration, and help people survive the cold and challenging climate of Siberia” (Winston, 2007). 

Maral root has a wide range of adaptogenic benefits serving as a cardiac tonic, antioxidant, immune stimulant and nervine with antitumor and hepatoprotective properties.

Among its many uses include:

  • Replenishes strength and energy reserves
  • Restores sexual potency in men
  • Increases mental awareness
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Helps decrease fatty tissue
  • Increases the resistance to the common cold;
  •  Improves blood circulation in muscles and brain;
  • has the ability to prevent and eliminate stress-induced pathological conditions, especially during their initial stages.
  • Leuzea extract prevents stress-induced sleep disorders and does not evoke an unpleasant sensations such as psychosis, retardation, slugish distress, apathy and headaches, which were observed following the intake of sleeping pills.
  • Has an immunomodulating effect
  • It has a wide following that would attest to its libido-enhancing properties.

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