Male and Female Energies, How to Balance Yin and Yang Energies

During the last thousands of years our world, especially in the Western countries, was mainly possessed by the active male energies. Most of us lost our life’s balance. Men as well as women lost the connection to the feminine part of them. This brought our society to suffer from unhappiness, anger and aggressiveness. Unfortunately, this concerns us not only on the social and political levels, but this situation is destroying our happiness and the happiness in the families.

Men and women less and less understand each other. We can see more than 50% divorce rate in the main Western countries. Every 2nd kid is raised by a single parent. 

This situation is disturbing and needs to change.

There are many steps that need to be taken in order to correct the situation. And the most important thing in order to start correcting the world situation, is to start improving your personal life.

That means to become happier and healthier.

That means to open your consciousness and to start the healing process.

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Every healing process needs to start from some simple steps that are very interconnected, it is hard to do one, without the other.
You need to release your anger against everyone, including yourself! 

You need to forgive everyone, including yourself!

You need to heal your wounds, by healing your emotions!

You need to love yourself!

You need to open your heart to love and compassion to everyone!

While reading these steps some of you will say: “ I do not have any anger….I do not have anyone to forgive…. Or do not want to forgive… I love myself…”
Just remember, that is not true!

Most of us (probably close to all) have these issues. Most of the time those feelings and emotions are hidden deep inside in our subconscious, that is why you say: I do not need it…

Only by opening your consciousness, starting to notice every thought you have, every emotion you are experiencing for at least 21 day, you will start to understand how deep those issues are hidden.

In order to deal with all those issues, you need to bring them from subconscious to the conscious level. And then you will be able to work with them and to heal yourself.

The healing process can be started from many different angles. Every person needs to choose her own road.

emotional healing

 But the main thing is – you need to raise your energy level in order to deal with any of those issues.

While raising your energy level, you need to balance both Yin and Yang energies in you; male and female energies. While those energies are unbalanced, the correct healing can not happen.

Every person has both of those energies inside of them.

It is said by Chinese texts, that a Woman should have 80% Yin energy and 20% Yang energy; a Man should have 80% Yang (male) energy and 20% Yin (female) energy. The variations definitely exist, but not in the large range, otherwise it becomes unbalanced.


When those energies inside the person are very unbalanced, the personalities are not correctly developed. 

This is one of the main issues that is bringing to all the misunderstanding between genders.

Men, who do not accept and block his female part
will have the following life issues:


will not understand his daughter or his spouse;

may have difficulty finding a spouse; 

making wrong business decisions, since he is not connected to the intuitive part of himself ;

and the most important, he can not be happy, meaning he can not give happiness to his wife or his family, in which case he can not receive love that is given to him.

Men having too much female energy may be weak, inactive, passive in society or not successful in business. Unless he is an artist or a monk, this would not be the best combination for an active in male.

Women, having too much Yang energy would take a male role in life. She will be carrying all the burden of life on her shoulders and will not let anyone help her. Men beside this kind of woman will become weak and inactive. At some point in her life, she will feel tired and unhappy, since these are not the roles that were created for a women. 

A women could be a very good business person, but still have her female part rule her life, don’t think she has to be a housewife when she will have her Yin energy in the correct balance.


Women, who do not use their Yang part at all will like to play the role of a daughter, totally dependent from someone else, may play a role of victim in life. 
There are many different variations on how unbalanced make and female energies in the person can damage the ones life.

Currently, most people have Yang energy more active and Yin energy is blocked. We need to develop our female parts more.

This will help us to live in happy families. When more families will be happy, when more men will be connected to their female part, our world will become a happy place to live, we will be able to have peace on Earth, we will start to take care of Mother Earth, we will start to take care of each other. 

The Earth is changing now! If we will not change ourselves, we will be forced to change by the High Powers, and this will be more painful, than doing it yourself.

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