Intimate Muscle Training and Sexual Happiness

There is an art, that is not taught in schools, but is the main building block for woman’s happiness, men satisfaction, family strength and the lengths of love. Sex, is one of the main ingredients in the happy and healthy relationship between couples. Good Sex brings upon strong connection between love couples and health and happiness to both participants.

But what is the good sex depends on? How do we make our sex relationship to become happier and healthier, intercourse to be longer and women orgasm stronger?
How can partners help each other to achieve the highest satisfaction in sex with the best orgasm?

Current statistics says, that only one-quarter of women (25%) consistently experience orgasm during intercourse-no matter how long it lasts, no matter what size the man’s penis, and no matter how the woman feels about him or their connection. That’s means that about 75% of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any conditions.
This statistic comes from a complete analysis of 33 studies over the past 80 years by Elisabeth Lloyd in her book – The Case of the Female Orgasm.

There are many hypotheses and arguments of why and how women should have orgasm. We invite you to disregard all the arguments for now. Let’s concentrate on other facts: having orgasm feels great, brings tons of health benefits to the women as well as her man, and makes couple happy, by bringing the satisfaction to both of them and many more benefits.
So, who cares, how scientists describe it?!
If you want to enjoy orgasm, we offer you a way – read on.

There are many factors of good sex and many things that partners can do in life to make each other happy and satisfied in sex, that discuss in our trainings and seminars. Here we will talk about only one factor, which may surprise you: how can we use women body, such as vagina and pelvic floor muscles to have great sex?
Let’s start with couple of “scientific” definitions of women orgasm:
a: :“….it involves a sensory-motor reflex including clonic contractions (spasms) of the pelvic and genital muscle groups (see reviews in Levin 1981; Mah and Binik 2001).
b: Bancroft, the recent director of the Kinsey Institute, describes orgasm as the “combination of waves of a very pleasurable sensation and mounting of tensions, culminating in a fantastic sensation and release of tension” (from Vance and Wagner 1976, cited in Bancroft 1989, p. 81).
As followed from the definition, the female orgasm directly involves the pelvic and genital muscle groups. So, let’s see how training those muscles can help us to improve our sexual life and to achieve the orgasm, as often as desired.

The stronger the muscles are able to contract, the higher the resistance, the greater the force to overcome the resistance, the closer a woman to embody the natural sex. Nature has created a male erection is not only for defloration, but also for life purposes. If a man all his life only deals with immersion without any resistance his erection is not trained, it is not claimed and the its hardness is not needed. So there is a natural decline in erection.
With the presence of female muscle and skills, erection always need to overcome the resistance, it is claimed and constantly used. Men who are lucky to have women with tights vagina muscles, will have a good erection for a long time without any complaints.

A great number of men enjoy oral sex even more then intercourse itself. Some women feel it will give her men the greatest pleasure, than the copulation. But when men will compare oral sex with the intercourse with women, who can use the strength of her vagina muscles, he will definitely choose the intercourse, since no lips or tongue can create such pressure as created, even by relatively little developed vagina muscle.

The more women can squeeze her vagina to increase the resistance of the incoming guest, the greater the pleasure, the less important is the size of phallus.
A woman who can control the muscles, so she could alternate stretching and compression followed by decompression of the phallus is also radically changes men sensations, that they will never forget it. Men just roar with delight of the unusual and natural process.

The overall conclusion
Over thousand of years of our monogamy life, men dominated society and current modern way of life, many women’s intimate anatomy has changed, where the need for strong pelvic and vagina muscles disappeared, natural sex with a tight entry almost vanished. For many, sex has become a routine.
For various reasons a woman is deprived of orgasmic contractions and her intimate muscles are weak or atrophied. Intimate muscles do not receive the necessary working out and instead of life enjoyment, she gets different kinds of diseases, both physical and psychological.
All this is largely reflected in the male as well. Feeling no contractions during ejaculation, prostate muscles weaken and stagnate, that is the primary cause of male ailments including prostatitis. Nature can not be fooled: if there is no resistance, no need to overcome it, there are no need for mighty erection. Here comes the decline of erection and bitter accusations of impotence.
As we can see, strong vaginal muscles are needed not only for sex, they are missing part, necessary for the healthy and quality life.

The Intimate Muscles Training Program allow each woman to learn to control their intimate muscles in sex, prepare for pregnancy, to ensure its prosperous and harmonious flow of labor, in general, to strengthen women’s health.

By engaging in Intimate Muscles Training Program, you can not only avoid many health problems, including slowing down the aging process, which is directly related to the work of the ovaries and bowel, learn to receive and give the most exquisite pleasure to the man, improve the overall tone of the energy and filled with positive emotions!
Sex is one of life’s pleasures, we need to make sure, it would be enjoyable every time and for both parties.

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