Hydrotherapy is the external and internal application of water for therapeutic purposes. Externally, water can be applied in any of its three states – steam, liquid or solid or in any combination of these states. It can be used in healing and prevention of a number of ailments, as well as a relief from day-to-day stress. It is a practice that dates back as far as ancient Greece and is present in almost every culture.  Currently, hydrotherapy is enjoying resurgence as more people are becoming interested in wellness and natural methods of healing.

Water is effective because it is an excellent conductor of temperature; in fact it is 25 times more effective than air. Physiologically, water effects via skin, the temperature monitor in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls, among many other somatic functions, the general regulation of water balance, body temperature, sleep, and food intake as well as speeds up or slows down blood circulation. Because blood is the source of all nourishment on the cellular level, a simple yet effective way to influence the delivery of nutrients to all the tissue is to promote and maintain a balanced, well-nourished and well-toned body

There are many different options available utilizing hydrotherapy from simple showers and steam rooms to more complex Swiss and Scotch showers to the most sophisticated hydro tubs with massage wands, computerized hydro/air jets and massage systems even other attached therapy systems with enclosures for mud and salt body applications.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

eases mental stress and muscle tension

promotes healthy looking skin,

-reduces varicosities, spider veins and cellulite,

dilates peripheral vessels and drives blood to the skin

-improves the rate and depth of respiratory excursions

-augments functional and basal metabolic rate and the oxidation of nitrogen

-benefits the tone, energy and functional capacity of the muscles

-augments production of heat and oxidation

increases the sensibility of the cutaneous nerve endings and provides soothing effects on the central nervous system.

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