Full Body Detox and Why Do We Need It

The disease – is not just a disturbance of the functions of individual cells or organs. Any disease is primarily the accumulation in the body large amounts of harmful substances that are formed as a result of inflammation, violations of the cleansing of organs and body systems, the growth of bacteria or viruses, and so on. Once in the blood, the toxic substances can disrupt vital functions of all other systems. So without complex Full Body Detox it is impossible to achieve a truly effective correction and especially prevention of major health problems.

As evidenced by medical statistics, 30-40% of all diseases of the modern person are in varying degrees due to excessively high accumulation of toxins in the body’s cells due to environmental pollution. This means that no matter how strong and healthy we may be, whatever sports were engaged in, no matter what good nutrition we have,  sooner or later, we are still faced with some medical problem.

According to the ideas of modern endo ecology, cleansing the internal environment (Full Body Detox ) should take into account the severity of pathological changes in the human body. If a person is healthy or has only the initial manifestations of the disease, it is enough to stimulate the body’s own purification system with a specially selected range of herbs, vitamins and minerals. If a person already has a chronic disease, it is necessary to combine a system of cleansing products with enter sorbents, since the activity of natural systems to cleanse the body decreases dramatically.

body detoxThe mechanism of natural cleansing of the body and Full Body Detox

Purification and cleansing of the intercellular medium (extracellular purification)

Each of our cells is surrounded by interstitial fluid, which can dissolve many metabolic products, as well as harmful substances entering the body from the outside. Further intercellular fluid is converted into urine, bile, sweat, and other body fluids that can be excreted together with dissolved toxic substances. Extracellular cleansing is a very powerful mechanism for detoxification, but is inherently passive purification because of harmful substances retain their toxicity up to the point of withdrawal from the body, without being neutralized prior to it. In addition, many toxic substances are insoluble and therefore can not be excreted with body fluids

Intracellular cleansing

The system of intracellular cleansing is much more complex and specialized. Thus the harmful substances are transported into the cells of the liver and intestine, where they  goes trough active biochemical transformation by specialized detoxifying enzymes which completely destroy  their toxicity. Moreover, due to these chemical reactions insoluble toxins acquire the ability to dissolve in body fluids and then excreted through the extracellular purification.

The system of intracellular cleansing is a major cleansing system in the human body, and its leading role is increasing every year. The fact is that due to the growing pollution, our cells receives more dangerous substances that should not simply withdraw from the body, but also quickly neutralized by active biochemical transformation. Furthermore, the efficiency of extracellular detoxification largely depends on intracellular purification, since more than half of the toxic substances are insoluble, and therefore without additional chemical transformation they cannot be excreted by the biological fluids.

Protecting Cells From Chemical Damage – Antioxidant Protection

Every second, the cells in our body there are thousands of biochemical processes involving oxygen. This inevitably produces free radicals, which are very damaging to cells. Free radicals are so chemically active that just in a fractions of a second they can cause damage to nearby cells. These properties make free radicals almost invulnerable to the specialized decontamination and purification systems,  mentioned above. On the other hand, free radicals can seriously disrupt the activities of these systems. Therefore, to neutralize free radicals in the human body has a very special cleansing system. Since the main mechanism of the toxic effects of free radicals is oxidation, this system is called antioxidant protection. Simplifying somewhat, it can be said that the system consists of a large number of individual biological molecules of antioxidants that are present in nearly all organs and tissues of the body and have the ability to rapidly neutralize free radicals. In case of reducing the amount of antioxidant in the body, the risk of cell damage and various diseases is dramatically increases.

Despite the fact that the above-described neutralization mechanisms were considered separately, they are all closely interrelated parts of a whole body detox system. Intracellular mechanisms of purification cannot function effectively without a system of extracellular detoxification, since most toxins neutralized inside the cells need to be removed from the body through the intestine, biliary tract and other organs of the extracellular purification. As well as the effectiveness of extracellular purification system dramatically reduced in violation of the intracellular detoxification mechanisms, because many toxins are insoluble in biological fluids and must pass a series of chemical reactions inside cells. Finally, the antioxidant defense system not only cleans our body from toxic radicals, but also ensures the smooth operation of other 2 systems, by protecting against cell damage and enzymatic mechanisms of detoxification.

In the perfect scenario, a healthy person, who is eating right, and living in a clean environment, the above-mentioned mechanisms of cell purification would provide very strong protection to the whole body. However, the majority of people living in major cities, living modern life style, experiencing daily stress and need additional support.

(From book of Dr. Gitchev PHD.)

It is recommended to perform whole body detox procedures 2 times per year: in fall and in spring time. This would help our body to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, despite the apparent varieties of cleaning products, the vast majority of them are still only affects the extracellular purification system. In most cases, their actions are based on sorption, or a laxative effect (cleansing of the bowel), choleretic effect (cleansing through biliary tract), and stimulation of the urinary organs (cleansing the kidneys). From the point of view of modern Endoecology such cleansing cannot be considered effective, as was explained above.

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