Women Emotional Detox Wellness Retreat 7 Days Wisconsin

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7 Days All Inclusive Retreat with 3 days of Silent Meditation Vipassana. August 15 - 21, 2020

Women Emotional Healing Retreats with Meditations in Wisconsin

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We offer you to start your road to HAPPINESS with this Emotional Healing Retreat in Wisconsin for Women. We will be close to Illinois, but away from the busy city life.
During these 7 days (6 nights) you will learn and practice spiritual techniques, get knowledge about working with essential oils for emotional balance, will learn about Access Consciousness Practices, learn Vipassana silence meditation and more. All these practices brought happiness to many thousands of people.

The retreat designed to help you learn what does it take to get in to the state of happiness, to help you work and process your unwanted emotions like grief, anger, sadness and others, to reduce stress and eliminate anxiety from your life.

The retreat is organized in the unique highly energetic peaceful setting of Wisconsin with beautiful nature to make your stay even more relaxed and rejuvenated.

It is 7 days of emotional balance retreat with 3 days of Vipassana silence practice. No talking, no reading, writing or electronic use is allowed during those 3 days.

Read more about benefits of the Vipassana Meditation.

Why to Join This Emotional Healing and Stress Reduction Retreat with Vipassana Meditation in Wisconsin

Read more about benefits of the emotional releases for your life.

As you probably already discovered though your life experiences, it is not enough just to remove the undesirable events or people from your life. It just won’t eliminate your stress or your negative thoughts or emotions; it definitely, will not make you happy. There are many other steps that you need to do in order to eliminate your undesirable reaction on different life situations, to process your emotions and to reduce stress in your life.
The reasons of your unhappiness, stress and anxiety are not those situations or people. The reason is buried inside of your mind. It is your subconscious mind that gives a signal to your mind and body to react to the events with the negative emotions of anger, sadness, grief, jealousy and others; all this will take your body to the stressful state of existence. As you see, it is not enough to eliminate the “stressful” events from your life in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

You need to remove the programs from your subconscious mind that make your mind and body to generate those specific reactions. In order to achieve this you can learn some practices that will help you to remove energetic blocks from your body, train your mind, stop unwanted thoughts and other things needed to replace stress with the state of happiness.
If you are already taking antidepressants, those practices will help you to get off the medication and to return to the healthy state of mind.
During the retreat you will also detoxify your body, by eating fresh fruits and vegetables diet. No meat will be served. This will allow detoxing your body from the unwanted energies, you are getting when you have diet that includes meat, fast food meals and is not prepared daily.

And another benefit of the retreat.
Don’t be surprise when after your return, you will be complemented on looking very fresh, vibrant and younger. That is the effect of clearing your buried emotions and releasing heavy energies from your field, as well as breathing fresh air, enjoying the nature  and eating healthy food filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. 
How Does It Get Any Better Than This!?

Make the First Step Toward Your Emotional Happiness!

You Deserve to Reclaim Your Happiness

What Will You Learn in Emotional Healing with Meditation Retreat in Wisconsin

During the meditation retreat you will start or continue the practice of forgiveness and forgiveness meditation, which is the first and major step in any process of spiritual development and emotional balance. Without this important step the emotional health is not possible. You will be explained how to forgive, who to forgive and why it is important.

You will learn very simple technique to eliminate your unwanted thoughts and stop your mind from vibrating on the same frequency with peoples who has low vibration thoughts patterns of negative thinking. You will clear out your head and will start vibrating on higher frequencies.

You will learn and practice silence meditation technique – Vipassana Meditation for emotional releases. Vipassana meditation is the technique that teaches you how to concentrate your mind, how to stay in here and now so you do not react to every life situation or words with negative emotions. How to eliminate cravings or aversions toward anything and stay equanimous in any situation. It will help you to get rid of conditioning system that was pushed on you from the time of birth by society, parents and media. It will teach you how to live happily in positive emotional state.
You will understand how to feel your own energy and how to use this knowledge to clear your field of the emotional blocks, to achieve emotional balance. Clearing your emotional baggage will help you to become happier and healthier.
You will learn how to help yourself during stressful life situations using essential oils for emotional balance.

Ready to invest 7 days of your life toward YOUR HAPPINESS?!

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Retreat Includes

7 days – 6 nights accommodation,
3 natural vegetarian meals per day,
Daily lecture on different stress reductions and spiritual techniques;
An essential oils class, to teach you usage of essential oils for emotional balance;
A spiritual life coaching session with Vesta before the retreat;
3 daily 45 min – 1 hour meditations – 2 days of Forgiveness meditation and 3 days of Vipassana style meditations;
There are will be 3 days of silence during your Vipassana practice;
Daily private questions and answers per student request;
Group Past Life Regression Session(if needed);
After retreat spiritual life coaching consultation;
Small group – up to 14 participants;
Accommodation options personal/ or shared with 2 people per room.

Payments and Refunds

The Cost of 7 days retreat is  $1,800  for individual room and $1,500 for shared with another person

This Retreat will help women to heal and de-stress.

Terms and payments:

In order to keep the cost low, we require full prepayment at registration.
Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee.

The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.

Please register through registration button above.

We accept Paypal (credit Cards) or check deposit to our account in the US.

Terms and Conditions

If you never practiced meditation – DO NOT WORRY!

We will teach you and help you to learn all techniques, so you will be able to continue practicing it at home.

Please inform us if you have any medical issues.
If you are taking any medication, you need to let us know.

There are no internet, no phone, no TV, no electronics, no drugs, no alcohol, no intimacy during the retreat.

Violators, WILL be dismissed from the retreat without a refund.

Continue practicing these techniques in your daily life after the retreat, will change your life and will bring in it a lot more happiness. We hope to see you on the retreat and to share this beautiful experience of transformation with us.

We need to start living from the heart, living by generating only main feelings: love and compassion.

Those are the only 2 real feelings that exists and those are the feelings that will let you live in happiness with yourself and the world around you.

Those are the feelings that will save our World and our Planet.

All these practices will bring you to self observation, to live your life here and now consciously and to observe everything happening with you throughout your daily life. This is the first step toward you happy existence.

Emotional Health is Your Road to Happiness!

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