Стресс, Эмоции И Наше Благополучие

Anger ControlThe emotion is the outward expression or reaction to the feeling. Emotion is the result of a thought and powerful feeling coming together.

All elements of the earth have different energies. The feelings and thoughts are energy. Your feelings and your thoughts are matter. According to the physicists, matter cannot be destroyed. Therefore thoughts and Feelings as matter cannot be destroyed—only altered, it can be changed. If the feeling or the thought is negative energy, it can be changed to positive energy.

What makes thoughts and feelings negative?

The more positive the energy of any given matter, the higher the vibration frequencies, and thus, the closer that matter is to its Source. The more negative the energy the matter, the lower the frequencies, and the further that matter (energy) is from its Source.  Source is what or who you consider to be your Divine Source .. whether that is God, Universal Intelligence, Universal Mind, Buddha or whomever or whatever you look to as a higher power or Supreme Being.

Every thought, every feeling, and every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body and each cell is affected, either negatively or positively, without our conscious awareness of the process.  The message response from the thought, from the feeling or emotion that was sent to the cells of the body is registered in the DNA of the cell. This message is then imprinted in the memory of each cell and creates an identity and an energy all it’s own.

When negative/ feelings or thoughts are registered in the body, it creating an energetic block in the system. These blocks obscure the memory of perfection in the DNA of the cells—the original plan can no longer be observed—all of which negatively affects our behavior and our health.

Each time a negative feeling is re-experienced and re-validated; the energy surrounding the original block is reinforced and compounded, the energy blocks grow and become larger and more powerful with time, unless the energy of that particular block is changed.
These energy blocks are the cause of our illnesses, our problems and our challenges in life.

As long as they stay in our body they have the ability to negatively affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

When we have traumatic experiences or emotions that we are not ready to handle or process consciously, our body subconsciously stores them in cellular memory to process later. These emotions are considered toxic and can be stored in different parts of our bodies, until we recognize and release them.

When dealing with emotional pain and stress, an emotional release technique can help you change to better thoughts and feelings by shifting negative thinking patterns and beliefs to the positive ones. It can free up trapped emotional energy in your body that keeps you in a loop of sore thoughts and distress. When that energy is released and you let go, you are then free to use that energy for healing, creativity, and other positive purpose.

The influence of emotion and mood is significant because how you feel can determine what you think, perceive, remember, and ultimately how you behave. Since the body and mind are intrinsically related, a change in emotional or psychological disposition can have dramatic results on the health of the individual.emotional releaseemotional release

Releasing the old and stock emotional patterns is only the first step in taking control over your life for the happier living. You need to make sure you will be able to consciously control your thoughts and emotions.

When you take control of our thoughts, you can begin to feel good about ourselves and others, about your life and life around you. This process can start the progression of stress reduction and the movement toward the well being.

The only person you can ever change is you. There is a purpose for every challenge and every situation in which we find ourselves. The purpose is for learning and growth—for remembering who we are.

There are many techniques available for healing emotions and feelings. Don’t worry about choosing just the right one, experiment with a variety of them to see which ones work best for you.

Combining the emotional release practices with conscious living will make you a happier and healthier person.