Emotional Healing, Emotional Detox Will Change Your Life, Reduce Stress & More

What is Emotional Healing and how does it affect one?  Why do we need Emotional Detox in addition to the body detox? Why do one need to heal buried emotions, how does it help to reduce stress and make life better? These and other questions I will try to answer and explain in this article. 

We have a lot of believes imposed by our close surroundings and our society, that we “bought” as ours. Many of them we are using regularly as proverbs and sayings, without even paying attention of their true meaning. 

One of the saying I am sure you’ve heard: “if after your 40th birthday when woke up, you have no pain anywhere, it means – you are dead”.  What it really says is that after 40, everyone is sick, one way or another. (Let’s destroy and uncreate this saying here, since I just typed it, but we do not really want it to be true)
Is it really necessary, that at specific age people get sick, and why? Are there are ways of staying healthy during all life? 

Yes, it is. These are the facts, known to many enlightened people all over the world. We need to understand it and start using the knowledge, which is known to some of us.

DISEASE in any form is the result of unresolved negative feelings that have apparently been forgotten, ignored or buried.

In last decades, a growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every illness that occurs in the body-from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, and cold sores to cancer is influenced, for better or worse, by our unresolved emotions.

The EMOTION is the external expression or reaction to the FEELING, it is the result of a thought and an intense feeling coming together.

FEELINGS and your THOUGHTS are energy. Energy is a force that takes many forms and can be manifested in many ways. We can’t see it. We can’t smell it, taste it, hear it or hold it in our hands. But it is all over as well as inside of us. Existence of energy is not even need to be proven anymore, everyone agrees that it is there, even physicists agreed on this fact.
How do we differentiate energy, when we say “good” or “bad” energy? Energy is a vibration and poses the characteristics of waves, which are frequencies of vibration. Low or high frequency of vibration, that is what how we can differentiate the energy. 

The more positive the energy of any given matter, the higher the vibration frequencies, the closer that matter is to its Source. Likewise, the lower the frequencies of any given matter, the further that energy is from its Source. In other words, the more negative the energy of any given matter, the lower the frequencies, and the further that matter (energy) is from its Source, 

Source is what or who you consider to be your Divine Source ( God, Universal Intelligence, Universal Mind, Buddha or whomever or whatever you look to as a higher power or Supreme Being)

What criteria determines whether a feeling or a thought is negative? When the energy of a particular feeling or thought obscures the truth of our Being, conceal our perfect blueprint, negativity is created.

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, we all come here with a perfect blueprint, with a memory of perfection. Negative energy of any kind over-writes this memory of perfection to some degree and slowly hides the truth of our Being. 

As the negativity mounts in our Being, little by little our memory of perfection becomes masked and forgotten. Consequently, our negativity creates a false-self.

Every thought, every feeling, and every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body and each cell is affected, either negatively or positively, without our conscious awareness of the process. The message response from the thought, from the feeling or emotion that was sent to the cells of the body is registered in the DNA of the cell. The depth and the strength of the message that each cell receives are determined by the intensity of the response to the message and the intensity of the feeling that is connected with it. This message is then imprinted in the memory of each cell. This cell memory is automatically and unconsciously referred back to when the need arises and the emotion (reaction) repeated again and again. 

When negative/fear-based feelings or thoughts are registered in the body a block of low vibration energy is created in the body and attached itself to the specific place in the body, according to it frequency. These are the causes of the manifestation of illnesses of the specific part of the body, what know today as psychosomatic illnesses. This is how looking at the illnesses of the person today, we can see what kind of buried ( not consciously recognized) emotions and feeling caused it. 

These blocks obscure the memory of perfection in the DNA of the cells—the original blueprint can no longer be adhered to—all of which adversely influences our behavior and our health. Each time a negative feeling is re-experienced and re-validated, the energy surrounding the original block is reinforced and compounded. Consequently,
These energy “blocks grow become larger and more powerful with time, unless the energy of that particular block is changed. These energy blocks are the cause of our illnesses, our problems and our challenges in life. Clearing energetic blocks in the body could be achieved thru practices of  Vipassana Meditation, brought to the world by Buddha.      

Until we become consciously aware of these blocks and their causative feelings/thoughts and are willing to transform the energy around them, these feelings and their effects will be our constant companions. These low vibration blocks, create stress in our life, by making us react to every situation with specific reaction – emotion and making the process to be a vicious circle. The easiest way of clearing your thought are introduced in Access Consciousness Practices.

The first step of clearing your emotional block and healing your emotions is to take control of your thoughts and your believe system. This way, by controlling these processes you will stop generating new negative emotions and will be able to start clearing old emotional baggage. The clearing of your believe system could be achieved practicing BARS, by Access Conciousness.

“Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. You are the sum total result of all your belief systems to this moment. Your beliefs form a screen of logic or a screen of prejudices through which you see the entire world. You never allow in any information that is inconsistent with your beliefs, even if you have beliefs that are totally inconsistent with reality. To the degree to which you believe these things to
be true, they become true for you.” (Michael Wickctt, It’s All Within Your Reach)

THOUGHTS ARE CAUSES, AND CONDITIONS ARE EFFECTS. Our thoughts are always the primary causes of the conditions or effects in our lives. We control our lives by our thoughts. Everything we are today is the sum total result of all the thinking that we have done to this moment. If we wish our lives to be different in the future, we have to change our thinking in the present. And, by so doing, we change the direction of our lives.”

It is our primary duty to understand the laws that control our destinies. By understanding the laws we can control the causes and change the effects to anything that we want.

If you understand this information and ready to change your reality, by clearing your emotional baggage, you may be ready for the next step.
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 A lot of information here is taken from Source: Karol Truman, Feelings, Buried Alive, Never Die