During our First Annual Jewelry Making Retreat we are offering a wide range of jewelry making Master classes and Workshops, where students with various skill levels can learn different techniques and projects in the Art Jewelry Field. The students will learn from prominent jewelry artists, designers, craftsmen and experts from all over the world to join us in Costa Rica to teach professional skills and techniques in the area of their greatest expertise.

The Retreat will be held on the beautiful shore of Pacific Ocean in Playa Del Coco.
The Retreat dates are:   July 13 – July 27, 2013
Location: Playa Del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
Language: English

Different Classes Available
Foundations in Jewelry Techniques
This is an opportunity for beginners to learn a new technique in depth.
We are offering four areas of study: beading, glass-bead making, metal clay, wire work, and metalsmithing.
The Fundamentals classes are 3-6 days long 6 hours per day, which gives the opportunity to the students to learn a new the subject of study scrupulously from our knowledgeable instructors.
These courses designed with the beginner in mind and set the foundation for intermediate and advanced study.

Jewel Fun Workshops
These unique three-hour workshops are designed to be fun and easy projects oriented workshops. Every class the students will make a different fun project, while learning a different jewelry making techniques.

Master *Smithing Classes
The students will learn from famous jewelry artists, designers, craftsmen and experts from all over the world. These classes are designed for the students with proceeding experience in jewelry making filed. The classes are 6 hours a day and are 2-3 days long 6 hours per day, depending on the artist.
Our Master Classes, are very intensive in terms of personal artistic and creative growth.


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