Ayahuasca Retreat How to Know When to Go, How to Choose a Shaman

How to Know When to Go for Ayahuasca Retreat?
The Ayahuasca process.

ayahuasca costa ricaWhen you will decide to go for Ayahuasca retreat, it is because the spirit of Great Mother called you, it is because your time came for healing.  Trust your feeling and know, if the time is not right for you, you will not go. Do not push anything, just set your intention to go and see what will be happening. Be sensitive to feeling and emotions, notice events happening and you will understand if you really need to do it. As said, when you hear something 3 times, it is God telling you this. And if it is something, you need to do, everything will get aligned for you to go.

Do not worry if you do not understand why you need to do it. Trust your inner knowledge.

A lot of time you do not even know, the issues that you need to heal. But believe it, Mother Ayahuasca knows. She will work on the issues that you need to work on and will be able to process at present time. But she will stretch you to the limits. Do not expect easy experience.  Whatever needs to happen will happen.   During the ceremony, to be able to understand and to process the issue that you need to work on, you need to surrender to the spirit of ayahuasca, relax and go with the process.

When I got called by Mother Ayahuasca I really did not know what I need to heal. But during the process, I realized that she started to work with me on those issues, as soon as I decided to go, even before I arrived to the retreat. Some parts of information were given to me by my dreams and by my thoughts. At that time, I did not understand what all that meant, and that all that information was different pieces of one puzzle.  All it came together after couple of Ayahuasca ceremonies.

So be open to receive the healing and know, that our higher self knows better what we need at this time. After it will happen you will understand why you needed this to be healed now, many new possibilities may be opening after the issue being released.

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How To Choose A Shaman And Ayahuasca Retreat Best For You

Working with correct shaman during the ceremony is more than 50 percent of your success.  There are many shamans, but not all of them are the same. Different shamans trained in different techniques.  Not all of them train to work with Ayahuasca.  Shamans working with ayahuasca called ayauhasceros. But not everyone, calling himself a shaman or ayauhascero is the one you may want to work with. A lot of people currently got some shamanic training and call themselves shaman, they know the rituals, they known how to perform the ceremony, they may even know icaros (the energetic songs, shaman sing during the ceremony). But some time, it will not work, because the main part is missing  “shaman’s” ability to work with energy,  to work with spirits. Without it the healing will happened by Ayahuasca, but in much slower paste.

There are many shamans, that concentrate on visual effects of the brew, which will give the client good “movie like” experience, but no healing will happened.  Another danger with this kind of shamans are that in order to make this kind of ayahuasca ceremony shaman will add more hallucinogenic plants to the brew, which is in most cases will be Datura plant. The plant is very dangerous and need to be added to ayahuasca brew in very limited amounts. So, choosing the shaman only for visual experience could be a lot of fun, but dangerous path to choose.

Women, drinking ayahuasca, need to make sure that you can trust the shaman. Some untrustworthy shamans are looking for sex, while women is in vulnerable position during the Ayahuasca ceremony. So women traveling alone need to be even more careful with choosing the place for drinking ayahuasca.

Remember, that higher price does not always guarantee the quality of the ceremony. Some well established places are running their businesses very good, offering high quality accommodations, but there are too many people (up to 50 sometimes) having the ceremonies at the same time. There are many different things happening during Ayahuasca ceremony, you may not want to have ceremony with so many people, since very little healing may happened there.

You do not want to make the Ayahuasca brew by yourself and with other people. I would recommend to stay away from this kind of retreats. Every person puts it own energy while making it. Even thou, it could sound like fun, but do you really want to drink the brew with so many other unknown people’s energy? And what is more important for you: fun and level of accommodations or the healing process? The choice is yours.
So, when choosing you place for Ayahuasca ceremony you need to feel safe, trust the shaman performing the ceremony, feel comfortable with the place of retreat.

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