Ayahuasca Ceremony the Medicine for Body, Mind and Soul, the Way to Enlightenment

Ayahuasca is the medicine for body, mind and soul. Ayahuasca is the plant natural to Amazonian forests used for centuries by indigenous people of Amazon as the healing medicinal remedy. The shamans of South American tribes are using the Ayahuasca brews to get deeper visions, connect to Higher Spirit and to provide healing to the people.

During last decades, when enlightenment of humanity became very important for the Earth survival, knowledge of this healing remedy became very important. That is the reason, why there are more and more information becoming available everywhere in the world about this herb. More and more people around the world are participating in Auahuasca ceremonies, despite the prohibitions and persecution of the authorities. In most European countries using of this remedy is prohibited and treated the illegal drugs usage. And in the face of this the Ayahuasca ceremonies and healing are requested by more and more people, despite the danger of going to jail. This shows how powerful the results of these treatments are, when people are willing to risk their freedom in order to get the healing.

Ayahuasca healing happens on many different levels.

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Physical effects of Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ayahuasca ceremony is one of the strongest and fastest of all emotional releases techniques, going to the root of the issue and removing it.  It can heal our body from most illnesses and prevent many illnesses, just by processing our repressed emotions and removing the core issues with which we came to this life.

John D. Mayer is an American psychologist at the University of New Hampshire says, “Emotions operate on many levels.  They have a physical aspect as well as a psychological aspect.  Emotions bridge thought, feeling, and action – they operate in every part of a person, they affect many aspects of a person, and the person affects many aspects of the emotions.”

During our life, since being in the womb of the mother and specially during the childhood we have many unprocessed, buried emotions. Every unprocessed emotion create low frequency block in our body. Those blocks are stored in different organs of our body, according to the frequency of the emotion. Low vibration blocks direct to illness and accelerate ageing.

If the emotion does not get processed and released, at some point of our life, the illness will manifest. This illnesses including very serious ones, like cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses. Buried emotions create fatigue and depression.

In order to process our buried emotions, we also need to get to the core issue, which needs to be resolve. Each one of us came into this lifetime with some core issues to resolve as our karmic issues.  The more conscious you will become the more you will notice, how similar situations and repeated patterns will continue to present themselves in your life, until you dealt with the specific core issues of your life.

A few examples of core issue are abandonment, emotional or physical abuse, victimization, living spiritually rather than materially, demanding justice in all matters and others.  A lot of time we do not even realize, that we are dealing with the specific issue, but just trying to deal with situation and react on those situation with specific emotions. In order to finish these patterns of situations and emotions, roots of the core issue need to be removed. A lot of times, if the issue is deeply connected to a past life ( and most of them are coming from past lives) you will have kind of Past Life Regression during the Ayahuasca ceremony.

So we need to release as many of unprocessed emotions as possible, before the illnesses will start manifesting. But the issue is, if we did not processed it before, it is because we did not know which emotion it is and how to process it, so how do we know now and what is the core issue we are dealing with? Ayahuasca processing the issues and emotions on subconscious level. It is know the issue you need to work on, even if you do not know it on conscious level.
Ayahuasca healing goes to the root of the issues, removes the root and by doing that, eliminates the issue completely.  This process in some cases can be as fast, as one Ayahuasca ceremony, but most of the time, it will need longer time. All depends on how you will be able to process it. But it is not the conscious choice, so do not try to speed the process.  Ayahuasca will work at the speed at which you mind and body will be able to process.

Ayahuasca, is not the only emotional release technique available. There are many different types of energetic emotional healing techniques available to humanity at present time. In my opinion, Ayahuasca ceremony is the strongest one. I am familiar with many techniques by learning them, practicing some and experience them. Some of them are: Emotional Release with Essential Oils, Emotional Code, rebirthing, different kind of breathing techniques, Vipassana or other kind of silence meditation, shamanic healing, Access ConsciousnessEsoteric Acupuncture and others. All of emotional healing techniques work on subconscious level of our mind. All of them require your own work on yourself in addition to the technique and all of them do help.  A different person at different times may need a different technique. So, choose the one that will help you the most at the time.

Regarding how to work with all emotional healing techniques, my suggestion is to go through numerous of them, while listening to your body’s reaction. Give time to every technique you will choose, to work, before making your determination if it is right for you. Then practice it for some time. Listen (feel) your body all the time. It will give you signs. But at the same time, I recommend not to get too attached to one technique.  Try another after working for some time with any one of them. When something works for you, integrate it in your daily life and practice it.

But remember, in order to eliminate the issue completely, the root of the issue need to be removed, until then, you will have repeated patterns of emotions, behavior and the situations happening in your life over and over. And only after the root is eliminated, it will stop.

After the roots are eliminated, it will take some time to integrate it in your body. This is where your individual work will come in. Your own work is a must in any healing process! You will need to stay conscious and to be present, control your thoughts, emotions and reactions, not to get to the same trap of old habits of negative emotions. And if controlling your emotions about similar issues was difficult before, because the roots existed, now it will be much easier and at some point it will be totally goon.  So you will need to work with your habits of reaction on the specific events in your life.
To control your thoughts I would recommend to learn the techniques taught by Access Consciousness, in fact, I very recommend to start with it right the way, without even waiting for any other techniques, since control of thoughts are very important part of healing.

If you work with different techniques to remove your emotional blocks, it will help you to start hearing your body and your soul and will prepare you for the deeper work with Ayahuasca healing, when the right time will come for it, when Ayahuasca will call you.

Clearing your emotional baggage will bring you health and happiness, will help you to live in peace with yourself and other, will bring you closer to enlightenment.

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