Трансформационная Игра Leela the Game of Self-Knowledge -Lila Chakra Board Game

You can order individual Leela Game or a Group Game

The Individual Game can take up to 3 hours or more to finish

You can play on-line or in person (Illiois)

Each time you play the Leela game, you will have a conversation with your subconscious, a contact with the greatest mystery.

The game helps you to realize desires, destroys prevailing stereotypes, enlightens the mind, expands consciousness. 

The game helps to identify the obstacles to the realization of life goals, helps to realize and overcome them. You can play the game for any goal. The playing field is the fields (situations, believes, obstacles…) in one’s life.
You can play alone, or in the company. The number of players is not limited.

The game that helps you to learn about yourself, about your life and will show you the easier road to your life’s goal and to your happiness.

Benefits of Playing Leela Chakra Game

Leela  game helps enlighten the mind, expand consciousness

The game can help in the realization of desires

Lila Chakra game can bring youth

Lila Chakra game can help get out of the matrix of stereotypes

Game Leela Chakra сan be used for divination.

Scientific study of the effect of the game Lila Chakra on the functional state of a person

The below are the results of an experimental scientific study of the influence of the Lila Chakra game on various functional systems of the human body conducted under the leadership of the head of Department of “Biomedical disciplines", candidate of medical sciences, academician of MANEB, professor Mogilev Valery Evgenievich.

It is shown that the 2-hour game of Lila Chakra causes certain shifts in the human body.

After the game, indicators of the functional state of the body improved.
The biological age and tension index decreased,
The level of health and psycho-emotional state increased in most players.
The level of psycho emotional state increased, and the tension index decreased in 4 people out of 5 subjects. According to the results of the survey, the level of adaptation of the body to physical activity increased in 3 out of 5 players.
Increase in energy supply and body reserves under the influence of a 2-hour game in 4 out of 5 people.

During the study a significant increase in the area of ​​the aura and improvement in the state of the nervous system in all examined were recorded,
In 4 out of 5, an improvement in the performance of the vascular and immune systems was recorded.
All the chakras in 4 out of 5 people came into a state of harmony, a significant decrease in asymmetry was recorded.
4 out of 5 players showed a decrease in the tension index, and the stress background decreased for all players.

After 21 days, during the follow-up examination, an increase in the area of ​​the aura, improvement of the nervous system and the preservation of harmony of all the chakras in all the subjects, the preservation of a reduced stress background compared with the state before the game were revealed. 4 out of 5 people improved their cardiovascular performance, and also increased energy potential in 3 out of 5 people (GDV). For other indicators, mixed changes were recorded.

It should be noted that due to the small sample, the reliability of the differences is not shown by the authors, therefore, further studies in this area with a fairly large group are recommended.

How To Play or Order the Lila (Leela) Chakra Game

You can play the game at home on daily bases to expand your consciousness, to ask your higher self or your Angels for daily advice or directions, for help in difficult situations and much more. You can help your kids and your family members to answer their questions and to find easy solutions to their questions. You can play with your friends and share consciousness with more people in the world and much more.

You can choose to:

Play individual game  $150 (3 hours game or until finish whatever is sooner);

Play Group Game ( up to 10 people in the group, 3 hours game $65 per person) ;

Learn and Play the game and become the Certified Leela Facilitator and Master of Game (inquire about the terms)

Purchase the game and Learned Yourself (Price –  $110+ shipping)

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The History and the Goal of Lila Chakra Game of Self-Knowledge

Leela (Lila) – the game of self-knowledge was created by enlightened masters in India many centuries ago. 

They believe that with the help of the game “Lila" life and fate can be changed. The game has been used for centuries to purify and expand consciousness. 

In the simple form of a game, all our deepest problems and achievements are manifested and could be cleared and handled easier either during the game or after the game during the integration process.. 

The game helps to achieve goals, get rid of diseases and successfully realize yourself at all levels. 

The game “Lila-Chakra" is a powerful means of destroying prevailing stereotypes. It prepares consciousness for change, and, therefore, rejuvenates our mind and body.

 The original name of this game is Jnana-chaupada (jnana – knowledge, wisdom, chaupada – dice; thus, the name can be translated as “Game of Knowledge”). 

During the game, you automatically move around the fields of the playing board, each of which has a specific name that reflects one of the internal states, or plans of being. 

Once in a given field, the player begins to think about ideas and concepts related to the name of this field, until again it comes his turn to roll the dice in order to proceed to the next state. 

Passing through the game helps the player to free himself from the illusion that has strongly entangled his personality and see his life as a reflection of the macrocosm. 

The number that fell on the dice is determined not by the player’s identifications, but by the interaction of cosmic forces, which, in turn, determine the development of a person’s life game.

The highest goal of the game is to free the human consciousness from the shackles of the material world and reunite it with the Cosmic Consciousness. 

This knowledge and the realization of the Unity with the Cosmic powers will help the person to live happier in our physical reality

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