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Holistic Health Practitioner

Эмоции, Карма, Генетика и их Влияние на Здоровье и Счастье

Эмоции, Карма, Генетика и их Влияние на Здоровье и Счастье.

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Нина-Бастет Практик Ароматерапии, Регрессии в Прошлую Жизнь Иллинойс, Эмоциональное Исцеление, Випассана

Веста Нина Ефимов

Нина-Бастет является практиком  и преподавателем различных методик  в области холистического и энергетического оздоровления  всего организма, включая эмоциональное исцеление и энергетическую психологию. Регрессии в прошлую / будущую  жизнь: регресс во времени для ответов на вопросы, освобождение от  страхов и блоков  или решения текущих проблем, эта практика, где вы получаете удивительную информацию и исцеление происходит от вашего собственного Высшего Сознания. Нина-Бастет является сертифицированным практиком Ароматерапии,  Техники Raindropp, и Техники Эмоционального исцеления с помощью эфирных масел. Она является практиком и преподавателем Медитации Випассана, Медитаций Прощения и Освобождения от Злости и других видов медитаций. больше 10 лет она является практиком Карма Yoga Она имеет международную [...]

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Christine Sonnen Past Life Regressions, Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Christine Sonnen, ATP is founder of Conscious Awakenings LLC and a ThetaHealing Master – DNA 3 Certified and a holistic practitioner and teacher in Energetic Healing and Energy Psychology. She is a certified practitioner in many energetic healing practices including DNA ThetaHealing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reference Point Therapy, Reconnective Healing®, and The Reconnection, Spiritual Response Therapy, as well as an Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. She has an international private practice and has been involved in metaphysics and teaching for over 20 years. Quantum Healing Hypnosis: Amazing information and healing comes through from your [...]

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Людмила Горетская Energy Healing Reiki, Niles, Skokie, Glenview, Morton Grove IL

.Людмила Горетская – лечение гипнозом, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Niles, Skokie, Glenview, Morton Grove IL. For the past twenty years, Ludmila has been a trusted healer and a teacher for her patients and students. Her success is in combining the energy healing methods she learned in Russia with Reiki and hypnosis. Receive $5 OFF from your first session, when mention our site as the referring site Contacts: http://extrasensoryadvice.com | 847-297-6360 | ludmilag@extrasensoryadvice.com

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Доктор по Эзотерической Акупунктуре Наталия Нусинова


Natalia Nusinova is a holistic health practitioner, who is  constantly developing her already extensive knowledge in Aromatherapy and Acupuncture fields. In addition to her practice as traditional acupuncturist, she mastered more extensive acupuncture technique such as Esoteric acupuncture. She is a certified aromatherapist and practices raindrop techniques and emotional releases techniques. All those practices, helping her clients, to become not only healthier, but also happier, by balancing the emotions and mind set. Contact Natalia and Receive $5 discount from the 1st session, when you mention our website, as referring site.  Natalia practice in Glenview and Wheeling Locations. Phone: (847) 293-1439 email: nnusinova@yahoo.com

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Вадим Дегтярь Гипнопунктура Гипноз Акупунктура Illinois

Вадим Дегтярь Гипнопунктура – новое перспективное направление в натуральной медицине, сочетающее в себе комбинацию двух доказавших свою эффективность направлений: Гипноза и Акупунктуры is a certified acupuncture specialist with extensive training in Chinese medicine from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Complementing his unique approach to dynamics of physical and mental health is advanced training in hypnotherapy and nutrition. He has been practicing acupuncture since 1992. Dr. Dekhtyar combines his knowledge of Western medicine and Chinese medicine. He has completed his M.D. from Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania. Fellowship in Psychotherapy. He had been practicing Medical acupuncture and psychotherapy for 8 years [...]

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John of God Guide – Ваш Гид в Бразилию к Джону от Бога

Contact your Guide to the Casa – Inna Osherov Email: osherovs@yahoo.com Ph. 847 347-5484 Skype: inchikspirit Facebook: Inna Osherov or InLight For more Information Below is the Official  website of Brazilian Healler http://www.friendsofthecasa.info/

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Анатолий Пак Акупунктура in Deerfield, Northbrook, Highland Park

anatoliy pak Acupuncturist

“Pain!” is what the clients of Anatoliy Pak are feeling before they enter Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine, a wellness hub located in Deerfield, Ill. But when they leave? “No pain,” Anatoliy claims. That doesnt mean they are cured, but Anatoliy’s clients are well on their way to curbing physical suffering, while ultimately taking control of their total health. At Healing Arts, a combination of treatments—including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, Oriental massage and bodywork and Taiji Qigong Exercise—bring relief to patients with all types of conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia and substance addiction. Besides treatment, Anatoliy stresses the [...]

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